I agree birth control is amazing.

I was on the pill for a decade, but I found I prefer an IUD, because, after having a kid, brushing my own teeth or sleeping felt impossible for a time, so it’s hard to imagine remembering a pill every day at the same time.

A lot of people don’t have access to birth control for a variety of reasons: financial, family culture, medical conditions that don’t work well with added hormones.

Also, if abstinence-only is what someone hears at home/school, they have have no idea how to get/use birth control.

Also, as great as birth control is, it’s not 100% effective. I know multiple people who got pregnant while taking birth control (and later gave birth).

Also, no one should need to be on the pill just in case they’re raped. But rape is sadly not uncommon.

I agree with you birth control is awesome, and more access/info is a win for everyone, but many who are anti-abortion are also anti-sex ed/birth control. If you believe in sex education that includes birth control, and easy access to free birth control, please talk to other anti-abortion people about it as a solution! Thanks!

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