I love seeing people stepping up abortion advocacy in the face of this horror.

In the small town I live in, my doctor and a good friend of mine who’s a nurse are working on the script for when people call the hospital and say they think they’re pregnant. They are avoiding things like “congratulations” that staff might say without a script, and making sure every conversation includes mentioning that abortion is available there. They’re aware that some people with wanted pregnancies will be weirded out, but think it’s more important that people with unwanted/unsure pregnancies know their options and that there is no judgment there. They’re also going to advertise to a neighboring county with less access, and they’re hoping to increase the amount of abortions happening here, since the need is real, and it’s the lack of access and the shame that are making people become parents when they don’t want to.

Great piece! I’m still planning to make my old IUD into an earring, when I get around to it, lol.

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