I think most people would urge me to ignore the two angry comments you left me. But testing privilege is a real thing, so I think I’ll respond to that.

I’m very lucky/thankful I was able to get tested, and I agree not near enough testing is happening in the US, and rich/famous people appear to have an easier time getting tested.

The day my daughter and I were tested, Trump was tested as well. He got same day results. We waited 6 days for my result, and 7 days for my daughter’s.

My daughter and I got tested March 14, at a sweet spot where new testing options had just opened up but not too many people (relatively) were asking for them yet. At the time, my county (2 hours drive from Seattle) had no evidence of community spread, so they weren’t testing anyone unless they’d been to either Seattle or one of the countries with higher COVID-19 rates.

I had just been in Seattle, which was then the epicenter of coronavirus in the US. We’d stayed with a friend who had fever/respiratory symptoms while we were there. So, the way my health department saw it, we might be the people to introduce coronavirus from Seattle to our county. My daughter had already been to two days of school before I pulled her out because of her fever. The health department tested us because they needed to know whether to notify everyone in her school.

If we had tested positive, then everyone in her school who caught the virus from her would’ve had time to spread it widely before we even had our results. So in addition to increased testing, we need quicker results. But a local healthcare worker friend of mine, tested after me, said she waited 11 days for her (negative) result.

Many of my friends/neighbors are sick but have been unable to get tested. We can probably all agree the US needs to keep working on making widespread testing availability.

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