I’m weird. You’re weird.

Here are 10 Quirks about me.

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Rat Selfie (Photo Credit: Author)

Thanks to Shannon Ashley for tagging me in her post, So, I’m Kind of a Weirdo.

This reminds me of something I would’ve written in my LiveJournal (come on, who else?) back in the early aughts.

My dad always said, “If you think somebody isn’t weird, you just don’t know them well enough.”

And I always said, “Yeah, but you’re like, extra weird, Dad.”

I write tiny. I mean tiiiiiny.

I don’t like metal forks, but I make myself use them.

Speaking of tininess and utensils, I eat my ice cream with a baby spoon.

I hold my breath when I drive past a cemetery.

I put easy things on my to-do list, just so I can cross them off.

I write while lying down.

I’m sort of really terrified of a robot takeover.

I’m attracted to the worst parts of the internet.

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19-year-old selfie. (Photo Credit: Author)

I LOVE warning labels with pictures of what not to do.

I love rats.

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2010 rat selfie (Photo Credit: Author) and 2017 photo with my daughter and my rattoo (Photo Credit: Anna Burgess Lieck of Tacoma, WA)

Medium writers: Have you done your own 10 Quirks stories? Feel free to post your link in my comments!

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