Married Red Pill: The Soulless Subreddit For Men Who Game Their Wives

They’re seeking connection through domination, at the expense of gender equality.

Darcy Reeder
9 min readFeb 20, 2019
Fake Smile Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

My husband and I are in bed at the end of what felt like a very long day.

We aim for equality every day: equal time working, equal time parenting. Time together. Time apart.

But today it felt like I was holding the world together by myself.

I’m trying to tell him how hard it was, looking for appreciation, looking for a promise that he’ll help me get more me time tomorrow.

He’s not hearing me: He’s defending. He’s explaining. He’s excusing. He’s rationalizing.

I take a deep breath, measure my words, make sure this comes out as an “I statement”:

“I feel unappreciated and alone.”

“Well, you’re choosing to feel those things.”

Clearly, we need some help communicating.

I came across some relationship advice claiming to fix everything.

A whole new frame for seeing the world:



Darcy Reeder

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