Seriously. It’s bonkers.

I read up more on this cop. Check this out (from

“It’s not the first controversial stance Lt. Reid’s taken in cases involving pregnant women.

In 2016, Pleasant Grove police took a stand to protect the fetus of a pregnant drug user by keeping the woman in jail.

But authorities from Pleasant Grove and the Bessemer District Attorney’s Office wound up in a standoff with UAB Hospital over care for pregnant inmates. Pleasant Grove police Reid requested no bond for a pregnant drug user, in order to hold her in jail to prevent drug use before the baby’s birth.

‘I’m doing my damndest to try to prevent any further damage to this child, since it’s obvious the mother doesn’t seem to care,’ Reid said in that case.

Medical experts from the hospital argued the move would keep the woman from getting proper treatment and could potentially cause major complications such as miscarriage. The inmate’s doctor requested her release to a drug treatment facility, but Reid lobbied for jail instead, arguing that the facility couldn’t force her to stay.

A judge sided with Reid and former District Attorney Bill Veitch, but doctors refused to discharge the patient back to jail. Doctors instead kept her in the hospital for seven months.”

That’s amazing the doctors were able to advocate for her, despite everything.

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