Super-fascinating article. My husband and I are more hesitant about technology than most people we know (we avoid Alexa, etc), but we met on OKCupid, where I would never have even considered somebody who matched at less than 90%. We had a lot of mutual acquaintances (we later found out), so we liked to imagine that we would’ve eventually met IRL if we hadn’t met online, but that might just be a story we tell ourselves.

I’ve never even heard of these sleep apps; I assumed you were writing about it as a possible future technology, until I read the rest of the piece and everything else was (I think) real.

One note about the “I voted” thing. I’m sure you’ve considered this too, but it might not be that people were more likely to vote, but rather they were more likely to think “I voted” was something cool to post if they were reading other political things. Like, it set the tone for them to think voting was something they too should post about. Still the tech determining their actions, but I wonder how much it affected actual turnout. I always vote, so it’s hard for me to get in the head of someone who might vote, might not.

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