Thanks for your perspective. My midwives were trained professionals who can sew their own sutures and also have a great relationship with the doctors at the local hospital (and were fully prepared to have me taken there if the need ever arose). They also did a home visit (as they always do) before the birth so would know about things like lighting and saggy mattresses.

Are you aware of statistics such as ? Outcomes of planned home births with registered midwives are equal/favorable compared to planned hospital births.
I agree that medical interventions are incredible and often life-saving. The statistics show, though, that taking low-risk births out of the hospital and to comfortable places with experienced professional midwives provides equal or better outcomes.

This is just my story. I am glad people have many choices when it comes to prenatal care, labor, and birth. For me, my choice was not reckless and romantic, but well-informed, responsible, and safe.

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