Thanks for your respectful comment. I agree, with humanity’s modern reliance on agriculture, it’s impossible to be totally cruelty-free. I appreciate your conscious choices, and like I said here, some of my friends eat their pets, so in real life, I know a lot of people who own/work on small farms. I agree local eating is great, so food will look different in different places.

But I don’t agree with the suggestion that the big amount of soy is for vegan diets. So much land is turned into soy crops (and grazing land) to feed livestock, not to feed humans.

I don’t think veganism automatically solves everything, but I do think, for my family, it’s a simple way to do a lot of good. Our approach started with cruelty-free for sure, but for me, the environmental impacts would be reason enough for everyone to at least be flexitarian.

Empathy for the win! Published in Gen, Human Parts, Heated, Tenderly —Feminism, Sexuality, Veganism, Anti-Racism, Parenting. She/They

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