This Vegan Wants You to Be a Flexitarian

A do-what-you-can approach, from someone who’s gone all-in.

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My husband and I at the vegan pizzeria we used to own. (Author’s personal photo.)

I would rather all my friends become flexitarian than just one of my friends go full-on vegan.

So my perspectives have changed. I still completely believe vegan is the best way to eat, in terms of reducing cruelty, environmental stewardship, and human health. (Again, freegans and roadkill enthusiasts, I like your style too.) But, as many longtime vegans do, I’ve softened in my approach.

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Vegan Candy Cake by Arcelia Kent of EburgVeg (used with permission)

How many opinions will I affect if I quite literally don’t have a seat at the table?

I respect my omnivorous friends, and I love hearing how they ordered a veggie burger at a restaurant or they’re trying out Meatless Mondays. How they’re giving up dairy, even though they still eat fish. Or they’re experimenting with making waffles with ground flax seeds or chickpea aquafaba, instead of eggs.

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