To be clear, in this context, I don’t mean white supremacy like people organized and calling for white supremacy. I quoted it just the way this other woman said it, and how I understand her words is people seen by the culture as white all benefit from white privilege just because of living in a white supremacist culture. Regardless of any individual’s feelings about race, American culture itself is white supremacist — it unequally benefits whites.

So, yes, these nationalities used to be thought of as distinct cultures in the US as well, and as I understand it, there was racism in the US against a lot of European ethnicities that has faded as those cultures have been assimilated in the idea of whiteness.

Yeah, it’s a lot to think about. I’m still thinking about it too.

Empathy for the win! Published in Gen, Human Parts, Heated, Tenderly —Feminism, Sexuality, Veganism, Anti-Racism, Parenting. She/They

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