Utopia in the Forest at the Vegan Families Camping Trip

Kids can have empathy superpowers if we let them.

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My kiddo, sleeping through train noise, in our tent at the Vegan Families Camping Trip

This vegan families camping trip was some crazy dream-like utopia stuff.

I think of my kid as the easy one. She’s 4 and we (so far) don’t have issues with hitting (or biting or otherwise hurting) or drawing on walls or toy-snatching. She eats her veggies and still takes naps and (okay, right now, you’re like, “Shut the hell up with your #blessed bullshit.”)

These kids were all raised with a baseline belief in equality, in care, in doing what’s kind, rather than just whatever feels easiest. And it shows. It shows in the 3-year-olds. It shows in the 8-year-olds.

I wrote this piece Veganism Makes Parenting Easier for the vegan parenting site Raise Vegan, so I knew this already, in a way. But this opportunity to see it in action in a multi-family environment, to see what kind of community we can establish when the baseline is ethics, renewed my hope for the future.

“Now, what can we share with them?”

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