What Are You Waiting For? VOTE!

Battle through that election anxiety and make your voice heard!

Bright colored geometric mural of the word VOTE with VO at the top and TE at the bottom
Bright colored geometric mural of the word VOTE with VO at the top and TE at the bottom
Photo by Jennifer Griffin of Chicago artist Mac Blackout’s new VOTE mural

Have you voted yet?

Washington State auto-registers eligible adults, so around here, registered voters is really almost the same thing as voting-eligible adults. Wow!

Here’s how to check if your ballot was counted

Mine’s marked as received! How about yours?

If you still need to vote

Here, Buzzfeed breaks down election deadlines, state-by-state. I was surprised to find out that a few states even require mail-in ballots to be postmarked by the day before election day, November 2!

If your mail-in ballot isn’t going to meet the deadlines, then put on your mask and vote in person! Vote vote vote.

Election Anxiety

You might even feel like there’s no point in voting, or that opting not to vote is somehow a better use of your voice. If you’re thinking of purposely not voting, you might want to check out my Medium piece, The Great Hack Reveals Facebook Ads Aren’t Just Selling Leggings, where I wrote about all the ways we’re marketed to online, including marketing campaigns to increase voter apathy by promoting not voting as cool and anti-establishment. Also, lady razors.

Voting’s not enough, but…

Want to do even more?

And if Trump tries to ignore an eviction notice, we do a general strike. We don’t allow it.

And once our votes are counted and Biden wins (and the Senate flips!) we push those Dems to use their political power to enact huge Progressive changes.

Vote. Vote. Vote. Have you voted yet? Vote.

Let me know if you need help figuring out how. Seriously.

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