Yes, Crunchy Mamas, Give Your Kid the Covid-19 Vaccine

I’m all about natural parenting, and my kid just got the shot.

Darcy Reeder
4 min readNov 9, 2021
7-year-old kid in a pink hoodie with a mask around her neck holds her new Covid-19 vaccine card and wears a vaccinated sticker
My 7-year-old kid Tzivia with her brand new Covid-19 vaccine card (Photo by author)

Holistic. Yes. Natural. Yes. Intentional. Yes. Vaccinated. Yes.

Wait, what?

I’m into “natural parenting,” and my kid got a Covid-19 shot this week. Hear me out!

My “crunchy mama” credentials are pretty undeniable.

So I cringe when I see lists like 20 Signs You’re a Crunchy Mama that attempt to define natural parenting as naturally anti-vax. “Your children aren’t vaccinated and never will be,” that list reads.

And maybe you, dear reader, have accepted the anti-vax identity yourself. But I know you, like me, like to question things. So let’s do some questioning.



Darcy Reeder

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